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We outline the recently launched program aimed at developing the virtual observatory in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and describe its planned features. The virtual observatory will incorporate robotic telescopes located at the high-altitude Assy-Turgen Plateau, taking advantage of its excellent astroclimate conditions. It will also incorporate the Linux-based computational cluster of the Fesenkov Astrophysical Institute with ~40 TFlops CPU power and ~500 TFlops GPU power, to provide, apart from observational services, also computational services for data processing and/or performing computer simulations. A dedicated fail-proof storage of ~300 Tb will be used for the database to keep both observational and computational data, including the digitized archive of about 20000 astroplates produced at FAI during decades before the digital era. The dedicated online portal was developed to provide access to archived data and submission of applications for observational and/or computational jobs, both via web user interface and programmatically using API, with the possibility to provide search results to queries from international astronomical resources.